Outfit Details:

Coat , Jumper

The Viennese are famous for their café culture, sipping their coffee and reading the paper with no inclination to leave before the sun goes down. And so as they say ‘when in Rome’ (or Vienna) we spent most of our first day eating our way through the city.

We started the day in Demel’s, a famous pastry shop and chocolaterie dating back to 1786. Demel’s is located on Kohlmarkt, near the Homburg Palace, its surrounding is a shoppers paradise with upscale international luxury shops in every direction. As you step through the red velvet curtain to enter Demel’s you are treated by the most charming cake counter, old wooden floor, traditional chandelier and the sweet smell of divine chocolate.

There were so many delicious cakes it was near impossible to choose between them! Ollie and I like to order several different cakes to share, that way we were able to try a wider variety, especially when it comes to sweet treats.

We were seated upstairs by the windows in a cosy panelled room with a stunning chandelier centre piece.  Downstairs to the back of the shop you are able to watch the Demel’s bakers hard at work. It was fascinating to see the creation come to life and immediately put me in the festive spirit, wanting to start baking for christmas as soon as I arrive home.

Of course before we left we couldn’t resist picking up a few things for the rest of the day and also some gifts to take back for family. Everything was presented so beautifully with the biscuits and chocolate looking more like fine art then sweets.

Walking around Vienna taking in the stunning architecture, popping in and out of shops and cafés soon became our favourite thing to do. In fact if you asked me what we did on our week long trip there I would struggle to pinpoint very specific places as we spent most of our time mooching instead of having a very set itinerary.

I am a huge fan of wearing burgundy at this time of the year and when I saw this merino wool wrap coat from Winser it combined both my love for the colour and a simple classic style which I knew I would wear over everything. I paired it with this knit colour block jumper which created a lovely outfit.

Winser London has my style down to a T, with their simple, stylish and elegant pieces made from luxurious fabric blends you simply can not go wrong.  I believe in buying timeless, good quality items which you enjoy pulling out of the wardrobe year after year. Although I have to confess to sometimes purchasing cheaper throw away products, (especially in my university years). I am now building my wardrobe around investment pieces which I want to fall in love with for more than just one outing. I couldn’t recommend Winser London more for these staple items which are surprisingly good value for the quality.

It wasn’t very long before we were eating again, this time on the other end of the spectrum from Demel’s in the very modern Das Loft. This restaurant is on the 18th floor of the Sofitel hotel and has a 360 degree view of Vienna. We had planned to book dinner however this day coincided with a holiday day in Vienna and we were unable to get a table. So we opted for a late lunch, hoping to see the sunset. But as you can probably tell from the pictures, the sun was nowhere to be seen and had replaced itself was a nice heavy fog!

Nonetheless the views were still spectacular and both Ollie and I agreed the food was some of the best we had ever had. If you ever get the chance to go ask to be seated facing the Stephansdome, hopefully you might catch it on a sunnier day!


Thank you to Winser London for collaborating on this post.