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Valentines day is a great excuse to treat your loved ones, whether that’s your other half, your family, girlfriends or simply yourself. I’ve always been one to go over the top on the day of love, single or in a relationship.

Back when Ollie and I had just started dating, Valentines day fell a few weeks after our official ‘in a relationship’ status and neither of us wanted to put any pressure on the day. So I threw a brunch for all of my girlfriends, with the full works: waffles, pancakes, melted chocolate and strawberries and enjoyed precious time relaxing with my university housemates. Ollie and I simply exchanged a sweet text. Now on our fourth Valentines together I still remember this as being one of my favourite, so simple, uncomplicated and without expectation. Yet we were smitten. It’s certainly not about the monetary value, the gifts or having the ‘perfect day’ but it’s a nice reminder to spoil the ones you love.

This year, with Valentines falling on a Tuesday we decided to celebrate early with an afternoon tea at Sketch. Then on the day itself we have promised each other to put aside any distractions, turn off all gadgets and spend the evening focusing on each other. We’ve come to appreciate that living together and spending most of our time with each other doesn’t always mean we get the quality time we would like to spend with each other.

I couldn’t think of anywhere else more appropriate for a Valentines date than Sketch’s  romanic, art deco, over the top, pink gallery room. No doubt, you will all of heard of Sketch by now, the Instagram worthy place of heavenly afternoon tea. What’s not to love about the modern art deco interiors complete with a statement chevron floor, pale pink velvet seating and shimmering copper accessories.

Ollie made the reservation in the gallery for when it opened at 12:30 and the room was already starting to fill when we got there. We went for the Valentines Afternoon Tea with a glass of Mousse Fils rose Champagne. The food was as good as it looks, with caviar and quails eggs sandwiches, soft warm scones, an assortment of cakes that looked too pretty to eat and a extensive selection of teas. This is not just an afternoon tea, it’s an experience!

After being blissfuly soothed by the live musicians playing the cello and violin in the corner of the room and full to the brim we pulled ourselves away from the soft pink room and back out onto the streets of London. The next stop on the list, Liberty flowers. If only you could smell how amazing these were, a delightful and much needed burst of spring! I opted for some blossoms instead of the typical red roses, I can never believe how they pretty much double the price for Valentines day!

How do you guys like to spend Valentines? Will you be doing anything special tomorrow? Hope you all have a great day, spending lots of love to you all x.