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Dress, Top, Jacket, ScarfShoes, Bag

This past weekend was a great one. I have to admit it has been a while since Ollie and I rediscovered our childlike wonder and just enjoyed ourselves, as it happens a day out of the city did just that. Richmond is outside the city right? We actually headed back to where we took the photos for my very first blog post, Kew Gardens.

Remember when time wasn’t a restraint and you didn’t feel guilty for totally switching off. Life is filled with simple pleasures, the little satisfying moments that you don’t anticipate but take great pleasure in. Sometimes our hectic everyday lives just don’t allow us time to appreciate them.

Maybe it was being out in nature but we took the time to open our eyes and enjoy the details, relishing in the moment.

It was recently our four year anniversary and while we were out for dinner we reminisced about our time together, it was the first time that I really realised that what felt like small insignificant moments at the time were now memories that we both cherished. The small things, like Ollie walking me to class at university pushing his bike so we had a few extra minutes in the day together, added up to everything. 

Opportunities present themselves each day, no matter how small which can create the most happiness. I have been trying to not just appreciate them, but acknowledge them within my day. A few of my favourite have been:

1. Singing loud in the car

2. Admiring blue skies and beautiful pink clouds first thing in morning

3. Savouring fresh sheets on the bed

4. Staying in the shower a few more minutes after a long day to relax

5. Seeing the changes of the seasons

6. Hearing the right song at the right time (followed closely by point 1.)

7. Finding a pull-through parking space

8. The first bite of my favourite chocolate

9. Hearing our squeaky front gate open when Ollie is home from work

10. Arriving on the platform just as the tube comes to a stop

Theres so many more, but these unassuming moments, when appreciated, can really brighten your day.

While we were at Kew, we were particularly drawn to The Princess of Wales Conservatory, it must have been the warm tropical heat or maybe the little boy who charmed us with his enthusiasm for everything, pointing out every plant as his favourite ‘daddy dis one, and dis one, dis one, dis one, dis one’.

I made sure to layer as I knew we would be going from hot to cold and paired this V Neck T Shirt under this Ruffle Star Tile Wrap Dress. A classic denim jacket is perfect for this time of the year, you can wear it on its own if your going to be mostly inside or layer a coat over it and wrapped a chunky ultra soft scarf around it for some extra warmth. For accessories I chose this super cute circular shaped bag and the comfiest pair of desert style boots.

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