Outfit Details:

Coat, Shirt, Jeans, Shoes, Bag

If you’ve been following my InstaStories recently you’ll know that Ollie surprised me with a trip to Paris for our Anniversary. To say this was a huge surprise is an understatement, as Ollie isn’t one for organising or remembering dates!

Obviously by this point I was somewhat stunned and a little dumbfounded but wanted to know all the details. I’m the organiser in our relationship, I’ve planned every holiday we have been on, right from picking the destination down to days out, things to see and where to eat (Ollie’s excuse is ‘it’s so much easier when you do it and you do a great job’). I actually don’t mind as this way there no car museums or watch shops scheduled in. But gosh, I was thrilled to have it arranged for me!

I have been to Paris before for work but never with Ollie and all I wanted to do on this trip was fill it with the typically cliche moments. We arrived on the Saturday evening (to a lovely apartment five minutes from the Eiffel Tower) and walked right up to the Trocadero and around the canal to the other side before stopping for dinner. We knew we had to get the iconic picture in front of the Eiffel Tower at some point in our trip, but getting one without anyone else in was going to be tricky.

With a quick google we found out the weather forecast was pure sunshine the next day and we set an alarm for 6am to catch the sunshine by the Tower (in hope we would be the only ones there). 

It really was one of those pinch me, unforgettable moments.

We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves and reveled at the chance to pose in front of the landmark with no one watching. The bright sunny day made for some amazing shots, we even managed to get the tripod out for one of us both.

We were in for a real mix of weather while we were in Paris, the beginning of the trip was sunny and relatively warm, or as warm as January can be in Paris and towards the end it was snowing! Each day I went out I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My thermals were a must and I layered up with a  Uniqlo heattech top and leggings the whole trip. I got this navy wool Claudie Pierlot coat in the January sale and I’ve barely taken it off since. I had been searching for a long length smart wool coat but when I came across this one the length went out the window. This was actually the warmest day we had and so I wore this detailed ruffle white shirt with fluted sleeves underneath, my cropped blue jeans and some loafers.

We took hundreds of photos, it has been so hard sifting through them to pick out the best ones and I wish I could post them all. But less is definitely more, especially in this case.

This day was such a magical start to our break away and I am so excited to share some more posts of our time in Paris over the next week.