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Dress (similar style here), Hat, Watch

Putsborough Sands feels like home. It’s my favourite beach in the UK and holds so many memories, predominantly camping as a late teen. Living in London I have times of pining over the fresh air in the South West, long beach walks and a dog to call my own. I do however love my London lifestyle. Being in my early twenties (I’m under 25, that’s classed as early right?) there’s nowhere I would rather be right now than London. Luckily with family based both in Devon and Somerset I get frequent trips back to the South West.

Ollie and I try and visit at least every six weeks or so, and although we met at university, we were both born and raised in the South. It’s a good few hours drive so we usually try and take a long weekend, though we have tried to brave it on a bank holiday before which resulted in a 7 hour trip back!

Writing this post, it seems crazy that this day was so warm. Autumn has transformed the UK almost overnight and although we weren’t there long ago it now feel like it was ages. Putsborough beach is in North Devon, Braunton to be exact and its long golden stretch of sand spans right over to Woolacombe beach (another of my favourites).

The nicest thing about Putborough is that even on a hot summers day you can still find a hidden spot on the beach. So we took our chance to have a rare weekend lie in and left midmorning stopping on the way to pick up some food for our picnic. Although I feel conjuring up a homemade picnic is by far the best, some times when a lie in is calling the supermarket can do the hard work.

When we got there I did the usual scouting for our picnic spot. Does anyone else get particularly fussy about this? Photographs or not I would still take my time finding ‘just the right place’.

Picky foods are my favourite, Ollie often jokes that I would have a bit of everything at a restaurant if I could, food envy is not my friend. So we packed lots of nibbles, with of course some triangle sandwiches, because it wouldn’t be a picnic without them.

My family and I quickly devoured the food in hope the quicker we ate, the less sand we would consume. Then we let the afternoon run away while playing the occasional game and dipping our toes in the water.

After the weather today I think this may have been my last summer picnic of the year, next it will be flasks of hot toddies and wrapping up in blankets!