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There has been a bit of an underlying theme of keeping my feelings away from my blog posts and not opening up about myself. There’s something about opening up on the internet which absolutely terrifies me. Not so much people taking a dislike to me, but more so loosing my privacy. In ‘real life’ I’m very much the same and tend to keep myself to myself. Believe it or not, I hate attention.

I also feel like I don’t have the authority to give advice, as after all I’m not a therapist, expert in a particular field or a motivational speaker. However, when I put together the images for this post I had a change of heart to all of the above. Something quite small motivated me to keep going and not give up, so from now on I’m aiming to share a little more. To explain…

Poppy season in France is in May and we weren’t visiting until towards the end of June to the beginning of July. I had it in my mind that I must see some poppies, a little silly maybe, but I had a feeling there would still be some around.

Deciding that our best chance to see them would be the first night we arrived, we drove to a little spot we had seen a photo of that had a field full of poppies earlier in the month. Much to my dismay there was only one pretty beaten up bloom left (you may have seen this on my Instagram stories), but that just spurred me on to keep searching.

For the next week I kept an eye out everywhere we went, making Ollie pull down dead-end dirt tracks to see if I had spotted one in the distance or over a hill. As the week passed I kept on hunting, with Ollie now getting slightly frustrated at my creative route planning.  Then to my disbelief, there it was, a stunning field full of perky red poppies! Now it’s not much of a miracle I know and we only stumbled across it just before 9 at night so we only got to admire it for a short lived 15 or so minutes. 

If I hadn’t seen that one picture of some poppies I honestly don’t think I would have put as much energy and belief into searching for them, which I am so glad I did, as it was one of the best evenings of our trip. Since starting the blog I never anticipated how my commitment to producing the best content I could would filter through to all parts of my life. Photography and content creation has made me see things in my life totally differently to before. At times I have wondered if I do this for you, the audience, or myself. This night really showed me that although I may have started it for this blog, I’m carrying it on for me. Having the experience of searching high and low for beautiful poppies takes what could have been just a pretty picture from our trip to France and turns it into a memory I will treasure. Sharing these memories with my wonderful readers and followers only makes it more special.  

So…keep on searching, try even harder and don’t give up, even if your trying and you keep failing your already ahead of where you were before you were trying. Have faith in your feelings and do what you feel is right. Plus it was well worth being able to tell Ollie ‘see, I told you’.