Outfit Details:

Coat (similar style here), Jumper, Blouse (similar style here), Jeans, Shoes (similar style here), Bag, Scarf

It’s been a while since we were in Paris and this post is very overdue, so much so that the season has started to change! But the thought that the pictures would get forgotten and not be used made me think that you guys wouldn’t mind it being a little late. On our last day in Paris we found ourselves in Palais Royal. Since we had never been before we were dying to check out Daniel Buren’s signature black and white stripped columns art installation. It seems like every visiter to Paris takes the advantage of the great photo op here and of course we followed suit.

On the other side of the courtyard you’ll find a rectangular garden which is framed by three arcades, filled with boutiques, cafés, art galleries and vintage stores. As we visited in January the gardens weren’t in their full glory yet but a cluster of red roses were trying their best to survive the frost, making for some nice colour amongst all the brown.

In the time it took us to walk from our apartment to Palais Royal the sky had dusted over with a blanket of white and out of the blue little snowflakes started falling. I’m sure the gardens are at their best during the spring summer months, but there was something magical about the light sprinkle of snow. The courtyard and gardens were, as you would expect on a freezing cold day, quite quiet and made for a peaceful break from the busy streets just outside. Most of the arcades shops were closed but the palace itself makes for the most beautiful place to wander.

What seemed to be the only place open turned out to be a real gem of a find, Café Kitsuné. A cute modern parisian bistro to go. Chuffed that we had found something that was open we promptly ordered a coffee and hot chocolate and devoured them in seconds.

The cold doesn’t half give me an appetite and so we slowly made our way to what turned out to be a foodie afternoon. When I am travelling I generally like to eat as much local cuisine as possible. Paris is no exception, anything with a lashings of cheese, served with bread and a glass of wine and I am smitten. Oh and not to forget the sweet pastries.

No visit to Paris is complete without the obligatory visit to Ladurée for a macaron. Macarons are available nearly everywhere in the city but the most iconic place to enjoy these delightful parcels of sweetness is Ladurée. I always make sure to also get a box to take away for a midnight snack or even breakfast the next day.

Feeling a little lightheaded from all the sugar we went in search for lunch and ended up at Café de Flore. We hustled our way into a window seat, ordered nearly all of the cheese on the menu and laughed and chatted the afternoon away. By the time we left it was starting to get dark and we couldn’t believe how time had flown in this lovely café. A special afternoon to remember and a place we will certainly return to for the memories (and great cheese).