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Nearly two months ago now it was Ollie’s 26th Birthday. With the special day falling mid-week we decided to have a meal out on the evening of his actual birthday and celebrated with a trip to Cambridge at the weekend. We always talk about seeing more of the UK and this really hit home when we were planning our trip in Canada. We traveled a total of 23 hours by car, covering a total of 1357 miles yet we have barely traveled half this distance in our own country.

Both Cambridge and Oxford had been on our list of places to see this year and with the summer coming to a close, and our trip to Canada taking up most of the end of the season, we decided to head to the one closest to us. I think Oxford may have to wait until Christmas now.

Although in some of the pictures it looks overcast we couldn’t have picked a more perfect day, warm and sunny with a light summer breeze. We started off the day wandering through as many of the different colleges as we could find. Every building in Cambridge seemed beautiful, brimming with detail and history and we couldn’t help but wonder what our university would have felt like if it had had the same picturesque surroundings!

We had hoped to do a spot of punting but I didn’t realise how far in advance you needed to book, apparently the night before was too little notice. Though it was just as fun sitting along the riverbank and punt watching; seeing couples cuddled up taking in the views, families making sure their children didn’t tip the boat upside-down and students laughing and joking with friends while racing down the river.

A little after lunch time we headed out of the town centre to the Tamburlaine Hotel for afternoon tea. The decor is exquisite with wallpaper that was worth the trip alone. Our cakes and sandwiches were served on the most beautiful gold and fine china caddy and if I could have added one of the white and gold teacups onto the bill I would have. The food itself was delicious with the pink breaded salmon sandwiches coming a close second to the chocolate brownie.

It was a struggle to leave as we felt totally at home in the space, so much so we took notes on a few of the items for when we decorate our own place. Like after any afternoon tea we left very full and a little sleepy, perfect for one last stroll back to the town for a power nap in the sunshine.