Outfit Details:

Dress (New Season), Shoes (White and Blue), Bag (New Season), EarringsBangle, Watch

Most of our days in Mykonos were spent out on the beach until the sun was nearly setting. We didn’t make much of a point of glaming up for an evening out like we usually do on holiday. Mykonos is a very relaxed island and that follows through to their style.

After a long day out and about we would pop back to the hotel to freshen up quickly and pop right back out again. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and I would much rather be out enjoying the country then spending time getting ready.

For our last night we decided not to head back into the town but to book a restaurant just round the corner from our hotel and soak up the endless sea views.

We made a conscious effort to spend the early evening at our hotel, enjoying a drink and wandering down to the water. It felt like having been there for a week, we still had not really taken much time to stop and just enjoy how peaceful and beautiful the hotel and surroundings were.

Ever since we started holidaying together Ollie and I have saved a special restaurant for the last day, it has now become a bit of a tradition for us. Having to think about packing and heading back to (probably rainy) England is made so much easier when you have an yummy dinner to look forward to.

Buddha Bar really hit the spot, we started off with the famous Buddha Bar rolls, and a few cocktails. My favorite was based on earl grey tea and came in this really cute cup. For mains I had the five spices barbeque chicken, while Ollie had the black pepper wok fried beef, though as normal we ended up sharing.

And just look at that view…

Both Ollie and I were sad to be nearing the end of our trip as we had fallen in love with the island and its atmosphere.

Until next time Mykonos!