A few weekends ago, right in the mist of moving house, I popped along to The House of Elemis to de-stress and rejuvenate before the upcoming move. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and the whole experience was made unbelievably easy and carefree by choosing it through Truly Experiences.

Truly Experiences is a great destination for luxury experiences. Now if you get stuck for ideas, you like looking for something new or your on the hunt to find the perfect gift for a loved one, Truly Experiences is the place for you. Their website is swoon worthy and had me oohing and ahhing over the wonderful selection of experiences for hours. The choice is endless and would definitely cater for those who ‘have everything they need’. I finally settled on the ‘Couture Touch’ personalised massage and facial.

Once I had chosen the experience all I had to do was sit back and wait for the treatment day to come, while Truly’s concierge arranged everything for me. It wasn’t long before a reminder email popped up from Truly and I was off for an hour of bliss at The House of Elemis. This sweet little day spa is nestled in Lancashire Court, Mayfair and is a perfect hideaway from the hustle of London life. You enter in via the spa shop and from the moment you step in the door this place oozes relaxation, with clean modern lines and white decor throughout.

After being welcomed in I was seated at the table in the middle of the spa shop to fill in a questionnaire asking various things about my life and skin type. The spa itself isn’t huge and consists of The Penthouse, a Speed Spa for people in a hurry and the private treatments rooms which I would be having my treatment in.

My lovely therapist explained to me what I could expect in the next hour and how it could benefit me. The treatment, in short, consists of a 30 minute deeper than deep hot stone massage  and customised Elemis technology BIOTEC facial. The hot stone massage really targeted the knots in my back and shoulders, I have always been a fan of stone massages as they relax my muscles for so much longer as well as leaving my skin conditioned from the wonderful oils used.

The massage was then followed by a 30 minute BIOTEC facial. The treatment room housed the pioneering BIOTEC machine, which works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Having never tried it before I was keen to give it a go. As my skin has caused me problems in the past my therapist advised me to go for the BIOTEC sensitive skin soother. Combining oxygen infusion and red light therapy to improve my skins ability to repair itself it was ideal for this stressful time, leaving my skin calm, moisturised and soothed. It was wonderful feeling like I was in such good hands, with a professional experienced beautician. I thoroughly enjoyed both treatments and left like a new women.

Once you are dressed you get to go downstairs and enjoy a charcoal shot to accompany your treatment. Along with a glass of water as you are supposed to drink plenty of fluid after a message. Fully refreshed and energised it was a fabulous way to end the experience. Clients are also given a ‘prescription’ which takes into account what you filled in on your questionnaire and offers advice on which products may help your various ailments. I will certainly be picking a few from my recommendations to use at home.