Its official, summer is over. Although I have to say I’m welcoming Autumn with open arms, every change of season makes me optimistic for what’s coming next. Luckily, last weekend we had what seemed like the last few days of summer with an unexpected heatwave, really the whole of September has been unusually hot for England. With nothing planned Ollie and I headed to Brighton last minute, I’m talking midday on Saturday we decided to jump in the car and go.

When we arrived early afternoon we had two things in mind, the beach and the South Downs. We headed straight to the seafront for fish and chips and a quick glimpse of the sea. I’ve only been to Brighton once before this trip but I can see it becoming our go-to London escape, as its only about an hour and a half drive from us.

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think about Brighton beach is the pleasure pier, full of amusements conjuring up brilliantly tradition British seaside fun. Tourist fill the boardwalk on stripped deck chairs, most likely tucking into fish and chips or a warm, freshly baked, bag of doughnuts. The atmosphere is infectious and its almost impossible not to join in on the fun. Colourful, bright and glittering it certainly has it’s own unique charm.

After enjoying the rides and of course the penny pushers we headed to the beach for a much needed ice cream before getting back to the car. Last time we were in Brighton we spent so much time exploring the lanes, the pier and all the excellent independent shops and cafes, that we never even thought about venturing out into the surrounding area! So this time the South Downs was near the top of our list, and in particular Devil’s Dyke.

Devil’s Dyke is the deepest dry valley in England and only 5 miles from Brighton. The scenery is stunning with walks in every direction and panoramic views of the valley. It gets its name from a legend that the valley was the devil’s attempt to flood Sussex.  However, the scientific version is that the valley was formed naturally during the last ice age 10,000 years ago (not quite so dramatic).

I am currently exploring the Cotswolds and can’t believe I haven’t been before, I am totally in love. This year I’m really enjoying seeing more of the UK (it was on my 2016 to-do list). I’d love any recommendations you have for short breaks away in the UK and Europe.