I have not always loved my skin. For years I struggled with it and spent hundreds of pounds trying to combat its issues and cover them up. I want to go into more detail in another post about how I finally solved this, but one brand which helped along the way was Dermalogica. I’ve learnt to put the time into my skin that it needs, as well as trying to eat healthily and exercise. In todays post I am talking you through my favourite Dermalogica products which I add into my skin routine on a daily basis. I am not one for swapping and changing products as I know my skin needs consistency, and for myself, I need a routine which is achievable, after all if it’s not easy I know I wont keep it up.

My skin is oily/combination but I find I need to target different areas and problems through the different seasons. While my skin isn’t senstive, I still like to use sensitive products as I’ve found theses work the best for me.

For its ease of use alone the precleanse is a favourite, after a long day of wearing make up I am always in a hurry to take it off as soon as I get home. I climb into my pyjamas, chuck my hair up and then hurry to the bathroom. I start with the precleanse and disperse a few pumps into my hands and massage it all over my face and eyes, which melts off my make up in seconds. It’s really sensitive, especially on the eye area but can take off even the most suborn waterproof mascara.

It’s a light oil which you use neat on your face, add a little water and the makeup and dirt from the day is all shifted. High coverage foundation? Gone. Waterproof mascara? Gone. And that really hard to get off eyeliner? Gone. It honestly comes off which such ease and I never have to rub around my eyes to get that tough make up off.

One thing which I learnt the hard way about my skin is being gentle and using extremely gentle products on it. Dermalogica’s ultracalming cleanser has a formulation which heals and protects your face and eyes against environmental influences such as pollution, the climate or irritating cosmetic allergies. This is something which I have become more concerned about living and working in London and I love that more and more skin products are involving it in their solutions. It contains lavender, echinacea and raspberry extracts for their anti-inflammatory benefits, leaving your skin with a squeaky clean fresh out of shower feel without stripping your skin and feeling like you need to load it up with moisturiser.

Again I pour a small amount into my hands and apply to my face and neck before massaging into my skin with light upward strokes. I like to take a minute massaging it in and try to relax and enjoy this stage. Then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Unlike the precleanse which I only use when I have make up on I use this cleanser morning and night.

Next up is my all time favourite dermalogica product, the daily microfoilant. I have used so many exfoliants on my skin in the past which not only stripped it till it was bone dry but also left it red raw. This is like no other exfoliator. I decant around half a teaspoon into wet hands and rub together to create a creamy paste. Make sure you create a really thick paste, I sometimes find I need to add a few drops of water to help it get to this consistency. Then apply to the face in circular motions. I massage it in until it starts to dry and then rinse thoroughly. It instantly leaves my face feeling smoother and brighter. It has a unique rice based enzyme powder that microfoliates dulling debris and it also helps to combat and balance uneven skintone which has been my main aim for my skin the past year and I have certainly seen improvement. I have tried numerous exfolients but find this one the most gentle while still being effective.

Finally I finish off with the C-12 pure bright serum. This is made to target hyperpigmination for uneven skin tone. It’s a lightweight serum which you can use day and night. Apply it directly to areas of uneven skin tone and allow it to sink in for one minute. It’s perfect for getting rid of any red patches from spots and has really helped to even my skin tone.

I love indulging in some me time in the evening and over the past year have found these Dermalogica products becoming some of my daily essentials.