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Hat, Top (similar style here), Jeans, Wellies, Bag (similar style here)

For our last day in the Cotswolds we certainly saved the best till last. Castle Combe’s old English charm of an age gone by made it my favourite by far. It’s wonderfully well kept, and it looks like Jane Austen could step out of a door at any minute. It’s no wonder that the village has long been the refuge of artists and film makers, the cottages have been used in films such as The War Horse and Dr Dolittle!

We visited early on the Saturday morning and I was shocked at how quiet the little village was, barely a tourist in sight, perhaps because it is off the beaten track a little compared to the other Cotswolds villages.

Walking around the untouched village felt surreal, every corner we turned was just as quaint and charming as the next. It was like stepping into a painting and one of those few places which you will never forget once visiting.

It’s very small and there isn’t much to do other than take a walk, eat and have a drink. Unfortunately as we arrived so early many of the pubs and tea rooms were still closed. But we were more than happy to take a seat next to the stream and watch as the village slowly came to life.

I seriously didn’t want to leave this place, it was heavenly, I felt truly relaxed and loved everything; the rows of thatched cottages, flowering gardens, virtually traffic free streets, quaint little local amenities and the shear unspoilt beauty (true love). Although, I must admit when Ollie and I asked each other if we could live here, which we do in a lot of the places we visit, the answer was maybe when we were at least 70 plus.

Our next stop was Bourton-on-Water and although this journey didn’t make a whole lot of sense from Castle Combe (its north of the Cotswolds and Castle Combe was right next to our hotel in the south) I had wanted to visited it on one of the previous days and we didn’t manage to fit it in. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice the Cotswolds was to drive around and so the journey didn’t bother us at all.

Bourton-on-Water is known as the little venice of the Cotswolds as the river Windrush runs right through the centre with sweet little bridges joining either side. It was certainly a contrast from Castle Combe and probably the most touristy village in the Cotswolds. It was extremely busy by the time we arrived (Saturday midday) and so we decided to stay for a quick lunch and make our way back to London after.

We had done some research on the way from Castle Combe on where to eat and decided on the Bakery on the Water. With a simple counter take away service it was the perfect option to beat the crowds and sit by the river to eat with the local ducks. The pastries and cakes were just as good as the reviews suggested.