Outfit Details:

Dress , Sunglasses

As you’ll know from my previous post, Ollie and I have been spending more weekends in the South West than usual lately. I feel like being back in the South grounds me, partly due to the slower pace of life and most definitely being closer to nature. After being cooped up inside for our 9-5 jobs all week, just being outside enjoying the sea breeze and sun on our faces felt so good! This day was a pretty special one, it was Mr B’s Birthday, he turned the grand old age of twelve and so my family decided to celebrate with an after dinner picnic on the beach.

If I could picnic every evening during the summer I probably would, even if it is just for dessert. Is there anything better than eating fresh fruit, cheese and in this case cake outdoors, with a glass of champagne?

The sun was already starting to dip when we arrived to Budleigh and it cast the most beautiful golden light over the red cliffs. The beach and cliffs are part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and towards this end there is a very unusual tree lined red cliff which has become somewhat of a landmark for Budleigh. Somedays you can even catch local artists painting the scene from the beach.

As Budleigh consists of large pebbles it’s the perfect picnic destination (no one likes sand in their sandwiches) plus Mr B was still allowed on the beach during the summer months. The reason I say after dinner picnic is because we had a very late lunch and so this was almost like an afternoon tea. We popped open the bubbles, each picked a cake and sunk ourselves into the pebbles to relax for the evening.

Mr B had a secret stash of sausages which kept him very happy! I may have snuck him a little cake as well, though he refused to pose for the camera.

Of course no birthday picnic is complete without a party dress. I chose wisely with a maxi dress as I knew we would be sat on the ground and this day was particularly windy (not wanting to have any unwanted flashes!). I love a flowing dress on the beach which catches and moves with the light breeze. I also packed in my bag a knitted cardigan and jacket for once the sun went down.

I am so looking forward to more picnic’s on the beach this summer.