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Shirt, Blazer (Similar here and here), Jeans, Wellies, Bag

With our first full day of exploring the Cotswolds ahead of us, Ollie and I were ready to head out quite early. Apparently an evening spent in a spa is the key to a good nights sleep, who knew?! Bibury was about an hours drive north-east from our hotel, so we decided to take the scenic route and arrived just as the sun was starting to peek over the trees.

Bibury is probably the most quintessential village you can find, with it’s little tea room and village shop along the river and cute cottages with roses growing in the garden. Though the real heart of the village is Arlington Row, a little line of cottages straight out of a fairytale. So much so, that I take a picture of it with me every time I leave the county (so do you, have a quick look inside your passport). 

I would love to come back during winter and see the village again with a generous dusting of snow, a couple of the cottages are available for holiday lets, so I might just have to pencil something in for around Christmas time next year.

We had hoped to see two of Bibury’s most famous residents, the swans. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen, however, these two were some of the most friendly ducks I had ever met. Though I think they were more interested in food than posing for a photographs.

We managed to spend the entire morning exploring the village so by lunch time we were starving and headed over to the Swan Hotel. Inside we were treated to a crackling fire, baked camembert and other tasty nibbles.

I would love to come back to Bibury again, either to stay in one of the Arlington Row cottages or in the Swan Hotel itself. A white Christmas spent here would be a dream come true! If you decide to visit, I would recommend coming early on a week day as quite a few tourists do arrive later on in the morning.