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There is no hiding the fact that January is universally one of the toughest months of the year, all of the festivities from Christmas are over, your bank balance has depleted and the weather is, well, miserable!

January blues is certainly a real thing, unless you are able to jet off to sunnier climes and holiday all month long of course. This year has also been especially bad for the lurgy, I caught it just after Christmas and golly it was hard to shift!

I somehow managed to take my end of year fatigue into January and started the year feeling a little overwhelmed, with a lack of motivation and low energy. So as I have taken some time to reset and refocus, I wanted to share a few habits which I have adopted this months to help me through.

  1. ACKNOWLEDGING DAILY HIGHLIGHTS AND CHALLENGES – I like to talk mine through, usually at the dinner table when Ollie gets home from work but if he’s not in a chatty mood I find it equally as helpful to right them down. I have found it best to always end the discussion or notes on a positive and focus on something I am looking forward to the next day or coming week.
  1. SETTING ATTAINABLE GOALS – I love the hope and excitement a New Year brings but setting large ambitious goals without any interim targets can leave you overwhelmed. I am terrible for not appreciating that even the smallest steps are also achievements. So this year I pulled back and I’m taking baby steps and giving myself a pat on the back for something every day.
  1. TAKING A BREAK – I think everyone needs a little more me time and TLC within the first months of the year to reflect and become inspired again. Allowing your mind to wonder, dream and explore. After all, your work isn’t going to be the best it can be if you are exhausted and unhappy.
  1. DECLUTTERING – Nothing gets me motivated like a good clear out. Since I have been taking more time on my Instagram and Blog I decided I really needed a dedicated space for work and so I cleared our dumping room to make way for a calm home office come spare room. I can’t tell you what an effect this had on both Ollie and I, we felt so free from all the clutter. It’s far from finished but I’m enjoying picking up a few bits for it now and it has really showed me how important your environment is.
  1. PLANNING AHEAD – Having something to look forward to is crucial, no matter how big or small! I have been planning a few holidays for the year ahead, nothing extravagant as I have decided to focus on the home and business more this year but it’s nice to put some things in the diary.

These are all quite simple steps but they have and still do help me refocus and kick the January blues. I say January, but I will be practicing these throughout out the year ahead, perhaps this framework may also work for you too!