Outfit Details:

Shirt , Shorts Topshop (Similar here and here), Swimsuit, Sunglasses

As I mentioned in the last post, we fell in love with Kiki’s beach and couldn’t wait to return. We were amazed when we came over the top of the hill the next day and saw the beach empty yet again. (It was early in the morning but at the height of tourist season we expected at least a few people.) With no beach clubs or bars Kiki’s and Agios Sostis is the perfect retreat from the more lively side of Mykonos.

We spent the morning exploring and climbing up over the cliffs to try and find the best view (of which there were many).

Before settling down on the long stretch of sand at Agios Sostis, only, just as we got all our stuff out and perched our bums in the sand the wind picked up.

This wind wasn’t just a little gust, it hurled sand towards us at what felt like 100 miles per hour. So we retreated back Kiki’s hidden cove.

And for the rest of the day we relaxed on what felt like our own private beach, dipping in and out of the glittering clear blue waters.

I am already craving another holiday with these clear waters, where would you suggest?