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Being on holiday really makes me appreciate the importance of date night. These days we are constantly busy and pencilling something in the diary takes months in advance to organise. Between work, family, friends, social media and simply keeping up to date with day to day life (we currently don’t have a dishwasher or tumble dryer and it’s killing me) Ollie and I find it impossible to even get through one episode of a Netflix series a week, let alone plan something more extravagant than dinner at our local.

For me quality time together doesn’t have to be a fancy date night, but rather just carving out time to focus on each other. Although I wouldn’t say no to a three course meal complete with a private pianist and a dozen roses.

I firmly believe in nurturing your relationship every day rather than waiting for a special occasion or until something goes wrong. I like to think of date night as more of a state of mind then a specific activity. Ollie and I always reminisce on our university dating days, as soon as we would met up all our stresses, looming deadlines and ever growing list of things to do went out the window. A feeling of being free, having the world at our feet and endless time to have fun. Most of our dates back then were so simple, understated and uncomplicated.

Being in Gordes really reminded us of those days, we left our villa both pulling together the last details of our outfits stumbling out of the door and positioned ourselves upright in the car in hope we wouldn’t crease our outfits. The drive up to this picturesque village is as beautiful as the village itself, full of handsome sandstone buildings positioned upon rolling hilltops.

Once we arrived in the village we strolled around the hilly cobbled stoned streets really taking everything in, with Ollie wooing me with his endless dad jokes and shaggy dog stories. I laughed till my tummy hurt. We walked and chatted until the sun was starting to go down and so we made our way to the town view point to watch over this magical place at sunset. Time passed unbelievably quickly and before we knew it we had missed our dinner renovations, too caught up in each other and enjoying the moment to hear our tummies rumbling.

Instead of finding another restaurant for dinner we picked up pizza and a bottle of wine on the way back to our villa, took off our shoes by the pool and dipped our feet in water while tucking into the pizza. It reminded us of the carefree days when we first started dating, so straightforward and energising. We did get a few more pictures from the night but these have been reserved for the scrap book.